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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Personality of the Holy Spirit

Jesus promises He will pray His Father gives us another Comforter who will abide with us forever (John 14:16). The Comforter Jesus is speaking of is His Holy Spirit.

It's important to look closely at every word written in Scripture. Failing to do so will leave us with incomplete meaning and sometimes, inaccurate understanding.

Notice Jesus says: “another” Comforter. This tells us Jesus is identifying Himself to his disciples as their “Comforter”, their helper, their “paraklete”.

Jesus was promising He would not leave us alone, He would send us someone just like Him. Scripture clearly reveals to us the personality of Jesus. Jesus was perfect in every way. The personality of Jesus is the personality of God and the personality of God's Holy Spirit.

God's Holy Spirit came to take the place of Jesus on earth. An important part of the purpose of God's Holy Spirit is the revealing of Jesus, the Word of God, to the world.

God's Holy Spirit is presently demonstrating and doing as Jesus did on earth. In essence, God's Holy Spirit is the continuation of the Word of God to mankind, the continuation of Jesus‘ ministry on earth.
Jesus revealed the Father and Jesus was God with us. The Holy Spirit is revealing Jesus. He is God with us, and He is God in us. He is the next, after Jesus, in God's progressive revelation of the redemption of mankind. He will always point us toward Jesus, our Savior, our Lord.

Holy Spirit is God with us, God in us, and He is the revealing of God to us and through us. When we allow God's Holy Spirit freedom for ministry through us the Power of the kingdom of God is manifested through man and to man.

Someone would ask, “what is the will of God in my life?” The answer is simple. God wants everyone of us to fully surrender our selves to Him giving Him complete freedom in doing as He wills through us.
In John chapters 14, 15, and 16 Jesus uses the word “Parakletos” in reference to His Holy Spirit. In doing this Jesus is telling us His Holy Spirit is our Comforter, our Advocate, our Intercessor, our Teacher, our Friend, our Guide, our Counselor, our Strengthener, our Leader, our Helper, and our Partner. Jesus did not leave us alone!

The Spirit of Jesus has continued the ministry of Jesus on earth and relates to His disciples just as Jesus did. His Holy Spirit could not do this unless He was a living Person. The Holy Spirit of God is a living Divine Person.
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