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Friday, 18 October 2013

Vanil Sangeetham Mannithil - Christian Devotional Song

Vaanil Sangeetham mannithil Santhoshm
Swargamm thurannu suvisheshavumay
Gloria.. In excelsis devuz

Sarvacharacharavum sakala janaavaliyum
Moksham pulkuvaan naadhan vannithaa
Bandhitaraam janam peeditharaayavar
Paapikalevarum saanthi nukarnnidum
Navya sandeshamithaa thannoo.. rakshakanaay
(Vaanil Sangeetham)

Saravarum kaarthirunna daivasuthan mishihaa
Mochanamemekuvaan paaril vaasamaay
Daiva samaanathayum swargga mahaaprabhayum
Kaivedinjee mahiyil niranjanavanaay
Marthya swaroopuvumaay vannoo. pulkkootil
(Vaanil Sangeetham)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Who Is a Christian?

A couple of billion people on the planet all claim to be Christians, but their beliefs, doctrines and practices vary widely. What does being a Christian mean? Let's take a quick look at what the Bible says a Christian is.
The word Christian is used three times in the New Testament (Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16). 

Followers of Jesus Christ were first called "Christians" in Antioch (Acts 11:26) because they believed in Christ and followed His example. The word was initially used by their detractors in a derogatory sense, but believers embraced the term as a badge of honor.

While the first-century Christians did follow the teachings, practices and example of Jesus Christ at that time, since then the term has virtually lost its meaning—as it's usually not accompanied by the same way of life and understanding. Today many claim to be Christians yet don't really follow Jesus' teachings.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Malankara Orthodox Qurbana Prayers and songs

Nin danam njan anubhavichu with lyrics


Nin danam njan anubhavichu
Nin sneham njan ruchicharinju

Yesuvae en daivamae
Neeyennum mathiyaayavan (2)

Yesu enniku cheytha
Nanmmakal orthidumbol
Nanni konden manam paadidumae
Sthothra gaanathin pallavikal

Yesuvae en

Daivamae ninte sneham
Ethra naal thalli neekki
Annu njan anyanaay anadhanaay
Aennal enno njan dhanyanaay

Yesuvae en

Ee jeevan poyennalum
Ennikkathil bharamilla
Ente aathmavinu nithyajeevan
Yesu ennike orukkiyallo

Yesuvae en

Nithyatha orthidumbol-en
Hrrithadam aanandhikkum
Swargeeya santhosha jeevitham
Viswasakkannal njan kandidunnu

Yesuvae en 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

What Happens After Death?

For the entire existence of mankind, we have struggled with the question, "What happens after death?" Our answer to this dilemma has great implications for our life here on earth. Although many avoid the issue, we must sooner or later address the question. There are many competing answers to this question.

Atheists believe that at death one ceases to exist. There is no afterlife or eternal soul that continues in eternity. All there is to look forward to is our inevitable death, the future death of mankind, and the universe. It is in the face of this future that the atheist must seek to find meaning and purpose for his own existence.

The Eastern and New Age religions that hold to a pantheistic worldview teach that one goes through an endless cycle of reincarnation until the cycle is broken and the person becomes one with the divine. What form a person becomes in the next life depends on the quality of life lived in the previous life. When one unites with the divine, he ceases to exist as an individual, but becomes part of the divine life force, like a drop of water returning to the ocean.

Those who hold to the animistic or tribal religions believe that after death the human soul remains on the earth or travels to join the departed spirits of the ancestors in the underworld, also called the realm of the shadows. For eternity they wander in darkness, experiencing neither joy nor sorrow. Some of the spirits of the deceased may be called upon to aid or torment those on earth.

Islam teaches that at the end of history, God will judge the works of all men. Those whose good deeds outweigh their bad deeds will enter into paradise. The rest will be consigned to hell. The Koran teaches that in paradise men will be drinking wine and entertained by heavenly maidens and that they may take several of these maidens for their wives.

Most worldviews must accept their belief in the afterlife on untested faith, but the Christian hope is sure for two reasons; the resurrection of Christ and the testimony of God's Word. The Bible gives us the true view of what happens after death. However, many Christians have a misunderstanding of the afterlife. Some believe that they become one of the angels, others believe they go into a state of "soul sleep," while others believe they will be floating on clouds playing harps. In this article, we will examine some popular misconceptions of what lies beyond the grave and perceive what the Bible teaches.

Christians can be assured that death is not something to be feared. Instead, at death we arrive home in heaven. To live means we exist in a foreign country. Death has lost its sting and now is a victory through the resurrection of Jesus our Lord.

If God is Good, Why is Life So Unfair?

                                Psalm 73 "If God Is Good, Why Is Life So Unfair?

On April 20th of this year Missionary Veronica ``Roni’’ Bowers, 35, and her 7-month-old daughter, Charity, seated in her lap, were killed by a single bullet when the jet fired on the Cessna plane they were riding in. The Peruvian Air-force had shot at the plane because it mistakenly thought that it was carrying drugs and drug dealers. Bowers’ husband, Jim, 38, and their 6-year-old son, Cory, survived the attack without serious injury. The pilot, missionary Kevin Donaldson, 42, was seriously injured by gunfire to his legs, but was able to crash-land the plane on the Amazon. The Bower’s family had been faithful missionaries to the area for over a dozen years. 

It is hard to understand why things like this happen especially when you consider that in all likelihood many drug dealers and criminals flew that night without a problem. It makes you wonder: "If God Is Good, Why Is Life So Unfair?"

Illustration: Another situation which is difficult to understand is the one our good friend David Fee experienced recently. David is a faithful Christian and a kind-hearted man despite being born blind and then later losing a significant amount of his hearing. David had apparently become involved in a romantic relationship with a young Christian friend named Denise of who was also blind. Such relationships are certainly more difficult to start or pursue when one is blind so we were all happy to hear of David’s blessing. If anybody deserved such a blessing it was David. David moved north recently to continue to pursue this relationship and only a few weeks later Denise was discovered dead in her home from unknown causes. It seems to make no sense, especially when we consider that so many unbelievers and wicked people live to old age. 

These two situations and many others like them in our lives can lead to confusion, anger and doubt about God’s Goodness. We can begin to doubt the value of living faithfully for God. We start to ask "Is Life Fair?" When we ask that question were not really asking a philosophical question about the nature of life, but a theological one concerning the nature of God. We are in essence questioning God’s goodness and fairness. We realize that the Bible teaches that God exist, that He is in control, and that He is good. If God is in control and He is good why then is it our experience that life is not fair. It seems that often good things happen to bad people, while bad things happen to good people. "If God Is Good, Why Is Life So Unfair?"

Ethretholam Nadathiya Daivame - Christian devotional song with Lyrics


ഇത്രത്തോളം നടത്തിയ ദൈവമേ
ഇനിയും നടത്തിടുവാന്‍ ശക്തനെ
ഇദ്ധരയില്‍ നന്ദിയോടെന്നെന്നും
നിന്നെ വാഴ്ത്തിപ്പാടും ഞാന്‍

മരുയാത്രയില്‍ ഞാന്‍ മരുപ്പച്ച തേടി
മാറത്തടിച്ച നേരം
മന്നതന്നു പോഷിപ്പിച്ച ജീവ നാഥനെ
വാഴ്ത്തിപ്പാടിടും ഞാന്‍

പാപത്താല്‍ മുറിവേറ്റു പാതയില്‍ വീണപ്പോള്‍
പാലിപ്പാന്‍ വന്നവനെ
എന്‍ ജീവ കാലമെല്ലാം നിന്‍ മഹത് സ് നേഹത്തെ
വാഴ്ത്തിപ്പാടിടും ഞാന്‍

സ്വര്‍ഗീയ നാടതില്‍ ഭക്തരെ ചേര്‍ക്കുവാന്‍
വേഗം വരുന്നവനെ
ഇത്ര വലിയ രക്ഷ തന്ന ഇമ്മാനുവേലെ
വാഴ്ത്തിപ്പാടിടും ഞാന്‍

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kaanayile kalyana naalil Nice christian devotional song


Kaanayile kalyana naalil .
Kalbharaniyile vellam mundhiri neeray (2)
Vismayathil muzhuki lokarannu
Vismrithiyil thudarum lokaminnu
Mahima kaatti yeshunaadhan. (Kaanayile..)

Kaalyikal meyum pulthozhuthil
Marthyanay janmekiyeeshan (2)
Mezhuthiri naalam poleyennum
Velichameki jagathinennum (2)
Ahaa..njan etra bhagyavaan.(2)
Yeshu en jeevane (Kaanayile..)

Oomaye soukhyamakkiyidayan
Andhanu kaazhchayeki naadhan (2)
Paarithil sneha soonam vithari
Kaalvariyil naadhan paadhamidari..
Ahaa..njan etra bhagyavaan(2)
Yeshu en jeevane. (Kaanayile..)

What is temptation? Can we beat it?

A temptation is a thought or desire to do something wrong. No one can avoid the temptations come, but you do not have to submit to them. As the wise old adage: “You can not prevent birds from flying over your head but you can avoid making a nest in your head.” That is, you can not prevent the evil of human nature tells you and try things with their evil thoughts, but you can avoid submitting to it. We have several examples of temptation in the bible, it is indeed something that we are all subject. Eve was tempted in Eden. Several prophets have been tried (and won with some merit). Many people condemn themselves and feel bad because they thought or were tempted with sinful thoughts, but even Jesus was tempted in all things like us. (Hebrews 4:15, Matthew 4:1-10) It is no sin when evil will try to do something, sin is that you submit to temptation and achieve it! Learn one thing: the best way to resist temptation and get rid of negative thoughts is to read the Bible, pray and think of the Lord Jesus. Rather than think of the evil, we must have good thoughts, uplifting and encouraging! “Whatever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and good, that’s what you should think!” (Phil. 4:8) Isaiah says, “keep him in perfect peace him whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusts in you” (Isaiah 26:3) If you keep your mind on Jesus did not have time to think about the distractions lying Enemy! (The recipe is to overcome discouragement, too!)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Kashtangal Saramilla Beautiful malayalam christian Devotional Song

Kastangal Saramilla is a beautiful Malayalam christian devotional song


Kashtangal saramilla
Kannuneer saramilla
Nithya thejassin khanamorthidumbol
Nodynerathekkulla kashtangal saramilla
Kannuneer saramilla

Preeyante varavin dhwani muzhangum
Prakkalepole nam parannuyarum
Prannante priyanam mannavalanil
prapikkum swargeeya manniyarayil

Mannavalan varum vanameghathil
Mayangan eniyum samayamilla
Madhyakashathingal mahaldhinathil
Mannavatiyay nam parannupokum

Jathikal jathiyodethirthidumbol
Jagathil peedakal perukeedumbol
Jeevitha bharangal vardhichidumbol
Jeevante nayakan vegam vannidum

Yudhavum kshamavum bhookambangalum
Yudhathin shruthiyum kelkkunnillayo
Yisrayelin Dhaivam ezhunnallunne
Yeshuvin janame orunguka nam

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Personality of the Holy Spirit

Jesus promises He will pray His Father gives us another Comforter who will abide with us forever (John 14:16). The Comforter Jesus is speaking of is His Holy Spirit.

It's important to look closely at every word written in Scripture. Failing to do so will leave us with incomplete meaning and sometimes, inaccurate understanding.

Notice Jesus says: “another” Comforter. This tells us Jesus is identifying Himself to his disciples as their “Comforter”, their helper, their “paraklete”.

Jesus was promising He would not leave us alone, He would send us someone just like Him. Scripture clearly reveals to us the personality of Jesus. Jesus was perfect in every way. The personality of Jesus is the personality of God and the personality of God's Holy Spirit.

God's Holy Spirit came to take the place of Jesus on earth. An important part of the purpose of God's Holy Spirit is the revealing of Jesus, the Word of God, to the world.

God's Holy Spirit is presently demonstrating and doing as Jesus did on earth. In essence, God's Holy Spirit is the continuation of the Word of God to mankind, the continuation of Jesus‘ ministry on earth.
Jesus revealed the Father and Jesus was God with us. The Holy Spirit is revealing Jesus. He is God with us, and He is God in us. He is the next, after Jesus, in God's progressive revelation of the redemption of mankind. He will always point us toward Jesus, our Savior, our Lord.

Holy Spirit is God with us, God in us, and He is the revealing of God to us and through us. When we allow God's Holy Spirit freedom for ministry through us the Power of the kingdom of God is manifested through man and to man.

Someone would ask, “what is the will of God in my life?” The answer is simple. God wants everyone of us to fully surrender our selves to Him giving Him complete freedom in doing as He wills through us.
In John chapters 14, 15, and 16 Jesus uses the word “Parakletos” in reference to His Holy Spirit. In doing this Jesus is telling us His Holy Spirit is our Comforter, our Advocate, our Intercessor, our Teacher, our Friend, our Guide, our Counselor, our Strengthener, our Leader, our Helper, and our Partner. Jesus did not leave us alone!

The Spirit of Jesus has continued the ministry of Jesus on earth and relates to His disciples just as Jesus did. His Holy Spirit could not do this unless He was a living Person. The Holy Spirit of God is a living Divine Person.
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